BOP Youth Arts Consultants

BOP is looking for young disabled people aged 16 – 30 who have an interest in the performing arts and youth arts for young disabled people, to work with us as advisers to the sector.  

Interested in the arts? Interested in equality?  Want to learn about making things more accessible for disabled people? Come work with us!


Over the last few years BOP has been researching the barriers that young disabled people face in accessing the arts and youth arts activity.  There have been no great surprises.  For instance, we know that barriers to information and transport can make finding out about activities and simply getting to them challenging.  We also know that while people can have the best intentions about being accessible and inclusive this is not always enough.  Young disabled people can be put off approaching organisations because of how organisations communicate, the language they use or bad past experiences.  

One size does not fit all – everyone has different experiences and different skills.  What BOP would like to do is build knowledge, understanding and skills across the youth arts sector to ensure that young people face less barriers in the future.

We know from the work we have done that organisations and their staff would like more advice and support in working with young disabled people and including them in their work.  You can find out more about the work and research that we’ve done up to now click here.

The deadline for applications has now passed – thanks to all who got in touch

Why are BOP looking for youth arts advisers?

BOP is looking for young disabled people that can work with us to offer advice to the sector about creating greater equality of opportunity for young disabled people so that more young people can gain access to youth arts activities.  We want to reduce the barriers and other reasons that may be preventing young disabled people getting involved in activities they would like to engage with.

We think the best way to do this is to work with the people that experience these barriers and to devise solutions and ideas together that we can then pass on to the sector.

In 2018 we will be launching a training project for the sector and our advisers will be crucial to this.

What will you do as a consultant?

You will work with BOP to solve the problems or answer the questions that organisations and the people who work for them ask us.  When BOP has selected five young people who are interested in taking part we will get together – in person or via skype – to talk about the project and to take part in some development training. You will:

  • attend development sessions and meetings in person or via skype
  • stay in touch via email and think about solutions away from meetings
  • plan future ideas for the project with BOP

What will you get out of it?

  • you will gain skills and knowledge around disability equality
  • you will gain skills in project and budget planning
  • you will create your own access statement and think about the barriers you experience and how to mitigate them, which may be useful to you in the future
  • increase your knowledge about the arts sector in Scotland
  • meet new people and arts organisations – you may get more involved by attending activity as the project develops
  • gain experience as an adviser and develop your problem solving and communication skills

Will you cover my costs or pay me?

We will pay our advisers as you will be working for us. We will also cover all travel costs.

You will paid a set fee of £80 for attending a development session with us and up to one planning meeting.  You will then be paid for advice you provide based on time taken to answer questions and queries that come to us.  Rates for this will be dictated by our project budget which we will involve you in planning.

When and where will it happen?

BOP is recruiting interested people from mid June to mid July.  We will then meet at the end of July in Glasgow where we are based. BOP will be asking for questions and problems to solve from the sector in roughly the same timeframe.  We will stay in touch, with monthly meeting/virtual meetings for the rest of the year.  We will plan for the the project to be accessible for the consultants, so we will agree the best format and amount of contact time together once the consultants have been selected.  For instance, some people might want to contribute via email and prefer not to meet.

How long will the project last?

We will work together until the start of 2018 as a minimum but BOP is interested in developing Youth Arts Consultants on an ongoing basis.  

I am interested but it doesn’t sound very accessible for me

Please contact us to discuss further.  As this is a new project and a new way of working for us we are still working it out and as much as possible we want to do that with you.

I don’t identify as disabled but I am interested. What are my options?

We would suggest you get in touch and we have a chat.  It might be there are other ways to get involved.  It might also be helpful to understand how BOP defines disability – click here

How do I apply to take part?

We are looking for people who can evidence:

  • a good working level of IT skills to support communication
  • access to technology and internet to allow us to communicate
  • previous interest in the arts

However, we do not want any of the above to be a barrier so do talk to us if you have concerns.

Being able to articulate ideas will be an important part of being an adviser.  We would like you to write/record to camera max 500 words that cover:

  • why you would like to take part
  • what would you do to improve access to the arts for disabled people – you could think about going to a youth theatre group or a night at the theatre as examples
  • any examples of problem solving or barriers that you have faced that could have been improved

Can you help me to apply?

We are here to offer advice and support about applying but cannot help with making your application.  We will take your application in a format that is accessible to you – writing or recording – so you should be able to do this without our direct help.  It is important that you apply independently because we will need you to communicate with us in the future.

What is the deadline and when will I find out?

DEADLINE FRIDAY 14th July. We will then get back to people by Friday 21st July.  We would like our first meeting to be on the 1st August.