My Left / Right Foot

My Left / Right Foot – The Musical

by Robert Softley-Gale

‘Life, laughter and the occasional miracle’

The local amateur dramatic society are under pressure from divisional headquarters when they learn their funding will be cut if they don’t represent a wider cross-section of society. But the new co- directors of the troupe – Amy and Grant – come up with a cunning plan, they will create a dazzling show starring ‘the disabled’. What could be better than the Oscar winning My Left Foot? What could possibly go wrong?

Theirs won’t be any old version, theirs will be full of showbiz sparkle and pizzaz, this will be My Left Foot – THE MUSICAL. Having decided to put on a version of the famous 1980s film My Left Foot, all about the life of Christy Brown and starring Daniel Day-Lewis, they hit a small snag when they can’t secure the rights, have no script, and can’t find any disabled actors.

Asking questions about who’s story this really is and how it should be told, My Left / Right Foot – the Musical pokes fun at the attitudes of non-disabled people – both then and now – and makes people laugh with hysteria while realising that there are other ways to look at things.

With live music and original songs, National theatre of Scotland and Birds of Paradise present this hilarious new accessible production, celebrating Birds of Paradise 25th Anniversary.