Miranda & Caliban

What really happened when Miranda met Caliban and Caliban met Miranda and Prospero didn’t approve?

Visit the island. Hear the testimonies. Explore the evidence.

Join TV Judge Ariel-Jacob as he gives Caliban a chance to give his side of the story that lead him to be branded throughout history as some kind of monster. Join the jury. Hear the testimonies. Explore the evidence.

Then vote. Guilty or Not Guilty. You decide!

Visit the full production website – mirandaandcaliban.boptheatre.co.uk

Presented as part of the Shakespeare Lives International Festival and inspired by a key incident in Shakespeare’s The Tempest; Birds of Paradise Theatre Company worked with D/deaf and disabled artists in Hong Kong and the UK and with Glasgow hip-hop legends Hector Bizerk to create a thrilling courtroom drama Miranda and Caliban: The Making of a Monster.

Miranda and Caliban: The Making of a Monster explored the meaning of ‘home’, our fear of its ‘invasion’ and our relationship to ‘the other’. Performed in Hong Kong and Glasgow in November 2016 and simultaneously in English, Cantonese, British Sign Language and Hong Kong Sign Language for both a live and digital audience.

Production Photographs