BOP has been researching the barriers faced by young disabled and D/deaf people in accessing Scottish youth arts provision. Funded by the Time to Shine National Youth Arts Strategy for Scotland, the research was conducted by Dr. Matson Lawrence in conjunction with Birds of Paradise Theatre Company. The work resulted in a report that outlines the research that investigated the barriers faced by young disabled and D/deaf people in accessing Scottish youth arts provision.

The research found that young disabled and D/deaf people face multiple and intersecting barriers to accessing arts provision.

Five main barriers were identified:

  1. Finding suitable arts provision;
  2. Availability of access information;
  3. Lack of provision for access and support;
  4. Travel, transport and location; and
  5. Attitudes and awareness of arts providers.

The research identified five key strategies to address these barriers:

  1. Provision specifically for young disabled and D/deaf people;
  2. Centralised information about arts opportunities;
  3. Front Door to Stage Door Access provision;
  4. Connections built with disabled and D/deaf communities across Scotland; and
  5. Education and awareness for arts providers.

Download the full report as a PDF

Download the full report as an accessible Word doc

Here are the main report findings in accessible form

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For further information:

Below are a selection of documents that came out of the Barriers to Access event. Some of them relate to what happened on the day of the event. Others provide suggestions or examples of what you (as an organisation or an individual) in making your own events, creative work, buildings or something else, as accessible as possible. Remember, there is no such this as ‘fully accessible’ as one person’s access requirements might be in direct contradiction with someone else. All you can do is make sure you are prepared for all eventualities and go into the planning of your work with an open mind.

Action Points from Barriers Event – Click to view as PDF
This is a list of action points that was collectively put together by people who attend the event. The list shouldn’t be seen as complete but as a starting point from which organisations can begin to . The list is divided into eight headings, the first heading was voted as the most important by people who attended the event. The last heading was voted as least important by people who attended the event.

Tool Kit for Making Events Accessible – Click to view as PDF
This is a resource to guide people who are planning, or will be planning, any kind of event. The Tool Kit offers advice on making an event that meets a very high level of accessibility but we do recognise that this will not be possible in every case.

Examples of Current Good Practice – Click to view as PDF
This is a list of examples of good accessibility provided by people who attended the event. The list is made from information provided before the event and during the event.

Plain English Summary – Click to view as PDF
This is a summary of what happened at the event, written in Plain English, so as to make it more accessible to some people – particularly some people who have a learning disability.

Barriers to Access event transcript – Click to view as PDF
This is the transcript from the event, written by the Electronic Note Taker. Because this transcript was written live as people were speaking, please be aware it might not be an exact verbatim copy of everything that was said at the time.