BOP Strategic

BOP Strategic has been developed to respond to the impacts and change we would like to see in the sector and to provide the support that others may like from us. We use learning from our activities and productions to improve our EDI practices and to support the arts sector to do the same. We have an ambition to design and deliver strategic work that is as risk taking, challenging and exciting as our creative work. We offer training and consultation that improves the creative and organisational practices of others.

An Access Resource for Scotland

We spent some time during the last four years discussing with our stakeholders and partners in Scotland’s theatre ecology how we might best act as a resource for the sector. Whilst our work has been saluted and heralded as wonderful examples of what can be achieved through Creative Access, many of our conversations with partners culminate with the response – “Yes that’s great. But what can you do to help us do this?”.

This demand for support in embracing equalities has led us to restructure our organisation. Going forward our Executive Producer, who is also heading up our sector development work, is focussed on responding to strategic opportunities that allow us to take the internal knowledge and skills developed through creating our work and share these with partners throughout Scotland and further afield. We aim to be a nationally recognised centre for strategic support for the arts sector in Scotland – offering training resources, mentoring and consultation opportunities.