BOP’s Barriers project is working to address the barriers young disabled people experience accessing youth arts provision.  We know barriers exist because of our research, and from talking to young people and the organisations that work them.

We held an event in December 2016 that identified 3 prioritised actions to improve things (all the info is still available at here)

  1. Establish young person led resource to advise sector
  2. Establish organisational level network
  3. Form resource to provide CPD and sector training

So, firstly, we recruited 4 BOP Youth Arts Consultants who have started working with us.  Together we are planning what should happen next and how organisations can use them as a resource.

What is the next stage?  The next stage is over to you as a sector to start asking question of us and the consultants.  This will help us identify problems to solves, successes to celebrate and resources to build.

How to use the questions portal….

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