BOP on the Wire

A brand new podcast from Birds of Paradise Theatre Company

In this first series of BOP on the Wire our Artistic Director, Robert Softley Gale, and comedian & actor Jack Hunter speak to cast members from previous BOP productions about their lives, why they got into acting and any other juicy gossip Rob and Jack can tease out of them. It’s a bit like the Graham Norton Show but with disabled people and no fancy sofa – and maybe a few other differences.

BOP on the Wire is produced by Birds of Paradise Theatre Company, the Audio Engineer is Will McKee and the soundtrack was composed by Scott Twynholm; performed by Scott and Kim Moore, as part of the soundtrack to Purposeless Movements (2016).

BOP on the Wire is available to listen from iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. You can find the full list of available platforms on our Anchor dashboard here.

Episode 1: Laurence Clark

In this first episode, Rob and Jack speak to stand-up comedian and actor Laurence Clark about his appearance in our 2016 & 2019 production Purposeless Movements, and more generally about his experiences of working in the performing arts.