BOP Young Artists (Digital)

Birds of Paradise is seeking young disabled people who have a passion for the performing arts and would like to get involved in a new project

BOP Young Artists is an artist development opportunity aimed at young disabled people who have experienced barriers in taking part in other artist development opportunities due to an impairment and the barriers they experience.

The project provides a space where young disabled people with a passion for the performing arts can learn skills and develop their own creative practice, so they are better able to apply and take part in future creative opportunities.

We understand the importance of nurturing the future generation of talented disabled creatives and BOP Young Artists is just one of the initiatives we have established to work towards this.

BOP Young Artists is supported by The Robertson Trust

Find out more about BOP Young Artists here

We are now recruiting for BOP Young Artists (Digital) – a brand new strand to BOP Young Artists

It will see a group of 4 – 6 young disabled people being supported to engage in training and development opportunities digitally, which are designed specifically to support and develop their interests in the performing arts.

Please read the different sections below to find out all the information you need to know about the project including who we mean by ‘young disabled people’ and how you can apply. If you have any further questions, there is contact informaiton at the bottom of the page.

(Image from development process for ‘The Staff Infection’ by Aminder Virdee, as part of BOP Artists 2017)

With the current lockdown and social distancing measures in place many people are experiencing lone-working, digital working, isolation, significant health concerns and the application process for employment support benefits for the first time. For many disabled people, these experiences are part of their daily lives, even without a government-enforced lockdown. For BOP Young Artists (Digital), we are specifically interested in applications from young disabled people who would face significant barriers to working with us ‘face-to-face’ in Glasgow, due to an impairment, regardless of COVID-19. For example, you may live in the highlands and might experience a barrier in travelling to Glasgow due to a mobility impairment.  Or you may live fairly close but accessing this opportunity physically would be a significant barrier.

Who is BOP Young Artists (Digital) for?

We are looking for individuals who will benefit from working with us remotely regardless of the current lockdown conditions.  

There will be opportunities for young disbaled people who can work away from home in 2021 – you are always welcome to register interest with us at any time even if this round is not for you by filling in this short form.

BOPYA is for young disabled people who have ideas for making performing arts work, or performing arts skills they would like to develop. It could be that you have experienced barriers in accessing other projects, or that you are interested in exploring work / skills which were not covered in other projects you have been able to access.

What will happen at BOP Young Artists (Digital)?

What will happen at BOP Young Artists?

We don’t know all the details yet because we haven’t met you yet!

The selected group of young people will have individual online meetings with our Development Officer – Morna McGeoch (see BOP staff) – they will work with you to find what you are interested in learning / gaining from being part of BOPYA (Digital). 

Together, you will decide on some goals, and the BOP team will support you to move towards those goals.

There will also be digital tasks and resources designed to support your creative development. Online workshops and training will take place with the full group of the Digital BOP Young Artists, which may then result in creative collaboration.

Some ideas of what the workshops could focus on are: playwriting; animation; making art accessible; disability rights in arts employment; writing a successful funding application. These are just ideas – we are very open to exploring any fields of interest that have a connection to the performing arts.

Once a year we will share the ideas you have been working on – this might be a short film, a rehearsed reading of your writing, or a digital artwork, shared via our website or as a live performance (depending on social distancing measures at the time).

Do I need to have any previous experience?

We understand that some disabled people experience barriers preventing them from taking part in creative opportunities, so because of this we do not expect you to have taken part in previous creative opportunities. 

However, we do expect you to have a passion for creating performance – perhaps you love creating short films, or maybe you enjoy writing, or taking photographs – all we are looking for are young disabled people who have an interest in making creative work, and are interested in working digitally.

What will I gain from taking part?

BOP Young Artists is an artist development opportunity aimed at people who experience barriers in taking part in other artist development opportunities due to an impairment. 

This project will provide a space where young people with a passion for the performing arts can learn skills and develop their own creative practice, so they are better able to apply to and take part in future creative opportunities. 

BOP Young Artists (Digital) aims to provide this space specifically for young people who require to work remotely / digitally due to an impairment.

BOP wants to help nurture the future generation of talented disabled creatives.

You will:

  • Gain skills and knowledge around disability equality
  • Gain skills and knowledge in multiple creative areas – for example movement and music
  • Create your own access statement and think about the barriers you experience and how to mitigate them, which may be useful to you in the future
  • Increase your knowledge about the arts sector in Scotland
  • Develop networks across the Scottish creative industry 

We aim to work with each young artist for at least one year, before supporting them in taking their next steps creatively.

You can read about the first round of the project BOP Young Artists here.

When and where will it happen?

For BOP Young Artists (Digital) we will use internet-based video calls to host our ‘1 to 1 meetings’, as well as our group workshops / training sessions. We will also use an online filing system so you can access resources and tasks.

We imagine that we will have one group workshop / training session per month, as well as each of the Young Artists receiving one ‘1 to 1 meeting’ each month.

In order to take part, you will need access to a tablet, laptop or desktop computer which has a camera and a microphone. (If you don’t have access to this, BOP can supply equipment, as well as delivering training on the use of equipment / the use of specific applications (video call platforms and file sharing etc.)

You must be available to attend the first meeting – which will take place on Wednesday 24th of June 2020, from 1pm until 3pm, via video call (link to video call will be shared nearer the time).

How much does it cost?

BOP Young Artists is free for all people to take part. 

As mentioned above, BOP can supply equipment necessary for engaging with the project if the individual does not have access to the required equipment.

What if I have access requirements?

BOP will always work to whatever your access requirements are and we have a specific budget set aside to overcome any barriers that may have an associated cost – we do not want an individual’s access requirements to be a barrier that prevents them from taking part in BOP Young Artists.

For example, for BOP Young Artists (Digital) we would hire sign language interpreters to provide support during 1 to 1 video calls, group workshops and training sessions, if that was required.

The application form (link below) has space where you can detail any access requirements you might have and then we will work together with you to decide on how we can best accommodate them. 

How do you define ‘young disabled people’?

BOP uses the term ‘disabled people’ or ‘disabled artists’ to refer to anyone who self-identifies as disabled. This includes people who are D/deaf or have a mental health condition. To see the full definition we use, please follow this link.

If you don’t identify as disabled but are still interested in taking part, please get in touch with morna (

BOP understands that many disabled people face increased barriers well into their 20s, so we allow anybody aged 16 up to and including the age of 30 in our projects for young people.

How do I apply?

DEADLINE: Monday 8th June at 10pm

To apply to be part of BOP Young Artists (Digital), please complete this short online application form

If this form is not accessible to you, some other options to complete the form are:

  • As a word document
  • Via telephone
  • Via video call – we can talk to you and fill in the form 

To arrange any of these alternative formats, please email or call / text 07758007646

If you have any further questions, please contact Morna at