BOP Young Artists

Birds of Paradise is seeking young disabled people who have a passion for the performing arts and would like to get involved in our new initiative BOP Young Artists.

What is BOP Young Artists?

BOP Young Artists is a new artist development initiative from Birds of Paradise Theatre Company, supported by The Robertson Trust.  It will see a group of 6-8 young disabled people work together to develop skills in all areas of the performing arts – for example writing, acting or directing.  

Who is BOP Young Artists for?

BOP Young Artists is for any Glasgow based (or who can get to Glasgow) young person who has ideas in the performing arts or skills they would like to develop.  It could be that you have not been able to access other projects or it could be that you are involved in other things but are interested to meet other disabled young people in an accessible environment to explore ideas together.

What will happen at BOP Young Artists?

We don’t know all the details yet because we haven’t met you yet.

The selected group of young people will meet to take part in regular group workshops.  The initiative will be organised by a Development Officer and they will work with you to plan projects and workshops based on what you want to learn together and the direction you want to go in.  We will shape the programme around the specific areas of interest of everybody involved. Some ideas of what the workshops could focus on are: storytelling; movement; playwriting; using music on stage. These are just ideas – we are very open to exploring any fields of interest that have a connection to performance.

We hope that once a year you there will be a performance or event to share the ideas you have been working on.

Who will the BOP Young Artists be working with?

BOP are currently recruiting the Development Officer – this position will be a professional performance practitioner based in Scotland, who has experience of making creative work and working with groups of young people. The Development Officer will also be able to bring in other artists and teachers who might have skills in specific areas, for example a musician or a playwright.

Although BOP staff won’t be present at the regular workshops you will meet the rest of the team and we will make sure you can visit rehearsals and get involved in other projects we are working on.

The Development Officer will be working closely with BOP staff away from the workshops and we will be monitoring the ongoing development of the project.

Do I need to have any previous experience?

We understand that some disabled people experience barriers preventing them from taking part in creative opportunities, so because of this we do not expect you to have taken part in previous creative opportunities. However, we do expect you to have a passion for creating performance – perhaps you love creating short films with your friends, or maybe you enjoy writing or taking photographs – all we are looking for people who have an interest in making creative work as part of a group.

What will I gain from taking part?

BOP Young Artists is an artist development opportunity aimed at people who have experienced barriers in taking part in other artist development opportunities due to an impairment. We want this project to provide a space where young people with a passion for the performing arts can learn skills and develop their own creative practice, so they are better able to apply and take part in future creative opportunities. BOP wants to help nurture the future generation of talented disabled creatives.

You will

  • gain skills and knowledge around disability equality
  • gain skills and knowledge in multiple creative areas – for example movement and music
  • create your own access statement and think about the barriers you experience and how to mitigate them, which may be useful to you in the future
  • increase your knowledge about the arts sector in Scotland
  • develop networks across the Scottish creative industry

When and where will it happen?

The group will meet every two-weeks at an accessible venue in Glasgow, over a three-month block from April – June 2019. The day and time of these meetings will be decided once we know what works best for everybody in the group.

There will also be an initial planning meeting at Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow on April 6th – time tbc.

How much does it cost?

BOP Young Artists is free for all people to take part, you will however have to arrange your own travel to and from the fortnightly workshops in Glasgow.

What if I have access requirements?

BOP will always work to whatever your access requirements are and we have a specific budget set aside to overcome any barriers that may have an associated cost – we do not want an individual’s access requirements to be a barrier that prevents them from taking part in BOP Young Artists.

The application form (linked to below) has space where you can detail any access requirements you might have and we will work out how we can best accommodate for them.

How do you define ‘young disabled people’?

BOP uses the term ‘disabled people’ or ‘disabled artists’ to refer to anyone who self-identifies as disabled. This includes people who are D/deaf or have a mental health condition. To see the full definition we use, please follow this link.

If you don’t identify as disabled but are still interested in taking part, please still get in touch.

BOP defines young people as anybody aged 16 – 26, (we will consider applications up to 30).

How do I apply?

DEADLINE: Monday 18 March at 10pm

To apply to be part of BOP Young Artists, please complete this short online application form.

If this form is not accessible to you, you can:

  • Complete a paper form – email for a copy
  • Complete the form over the phone – 0141 552 1725 – we can talk to you and fill in the form
  • In person can be arranged if you require a scribe to work with you

Any further questions, please contact Callum at or 0141 552 1725

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