Come To Bed With Me

created by Robert Softley Gale, Rachel Drazek and Mairi Taylor

with original music by Scott Twynholm

produced by Birds of Paradise and Battersea Arts Centre

7 online performances : 26 October – 1 November, 9-10pm

Birds of Paradise and Battersea Arts Centre invite you to take part in an intimate performance with Robert. ‘Come to Bed With Me’ is a conversation, a nightly routine, a shared experience – bedroom to bedroom.

Robert is a disabled performer – he is used to being looked at and to being asked all sorts of questions. This is an invitation to share in moments that are new and real – to exchange with people who might not look or move as you do. 

“Come get ready for bed with me. From your bedroom to mine – sharing our intimate spaces and personal moments. We might talk about what’s there and what’s not there – what’s missing. Listen, watch, talk, move with me… it’s up to you.”

Bedrooms are our private spaces that only certain people are allowed to see and fewer still are permitted to occupy. Come to Bed With Me is an invitation to share in moments that are new and real – to exchange with people who might not look or move as you do.

Created by Robert Softley Gale, Rachel Drazek and Mairi Taylor, with original music from Scott Twynholm, Come to Bed With Me takes BOP into digital and durational territory that is new for the company. This performance is intimate and private, exploring territory that resonates with us all just now as we navigate the world from our homes.

When you go to bed without someone else there it’s just you, which is what Come To Bed With Us is about: you and your body and your thoughts. This is a considered, careful study of all three, and it wouldn’t work without you as part of it, even doing nothing, just being where and what you are.

Frey Kwa Hawking – Exeunt Magazine

An unmade bed with ruffled cover and pillows, all white. The words "Come to bed with me" are in large yellow capital letters, partially hidden behind the pillows.
Messy and unmade white hotel bed at hotel room in holiday morning.


Movement direction by Rachel Drazek

Written and performed by Robert Softley Gale

Art direction and additional text by Mairi Tayor

Original music written, performed and recorded by Scott Twynholm

Sign language interpretation performance | Natalie Macdonald

Captioning | Louisa McDaid

Audio Description | Emma-Jane McHenry

Production Manager – John Wilkie

Additional video editing by Seth Hardwick

Stage Management Support from Jasime Ruby Kennedy

Marketing Design from Niall Walker

With special thanks to Amir Sherhan and Robert’s household

Thanks also to the team at Battersea Arts Centre for all their support



The accessible performances for this production are as below:

  • Wed 28 Oct – Captioned
  • Thu 29 Oct – BSL interpreted
  • Fri 30 Oct – Audio Described

We have six tickets available for each accessible performance, reserved specifically for people who require that access provision. These tickets are free of charge. To book an accessible ticket, what you have to do is:

  1. Email using the subject “CTBWM Access”
  2. Stipulate which access provision you are booking for (Cap, BSL, AD)
  3. Include the email address you wish the booking information and video link to be sent to

Booking Information

To participate in one of the five performance events or to find out more please visit the event page on the Battersea Arts Centre website.