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Birds of Paradise Theatre Company
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    BOP has a small staff team and as such we do not have the capacity to deal with every request that comes in. Before you contact BOP, please read these FAQs to see if we have covered your query here. Thank you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I am seeking opportunities. Do you have internships, workshops or volunteer positions?

    As a theatre company with an expanding portfolio and a growing reputation for making exciting work, we are frequently contacted by individuals who want to gain work experience or explore volunteering experiences through us. To allow us to respond to these enquiries in a way that benefits everyone we ask you to complete this form.

    How did BOP start?

    Formally launched in March 1993, Birds of Paradise was created by a group of disabled and non-disabled activists who had worked together on Fablevision’s 1990 Community Mixed Ability Theatre Project. Many of the original aims behind the formation of the company are still familiar to Birds of Paradise today: to employ disabled and non-disabled actors and other theatre professionals, to commission new work, to work in partnership with other organisations at home and abroad, to create positive images of inclusion and to encourage participation in the arts.

    Birds of Paradise became Scotland’s first inclusive touring theatre company and in April 1993, the organisation had become a limited company and a registered charity.

    In 2012 Birds of Paradise become disability-led through the appointment of two disabled Artistic Directors.

    How do you choose your productions?

    We choose our productions roughly 2-3 years in advance, often projects have been in the pipeline for a number of years prior to this. We programme our work to tell a broad range of disabled people’s stories that are bold, creatively engaging and are not afraid to challenge our audiences. We aim to also be as reactive as possible and our planned programme of work occasionally change to reflect this.

    How do you cast?

    Each BOP Theatre production is cast differently, depending on who we are working with. However as a general rule we will use casting agencies and do call outs for specific roles. Services such as ProFile provide us with a list of disabled performers.

    I have a script I would like to submit – who do I send it too?

    If you are based in Scotland or are Scottish and based elsewhere, your play can also be sent to the National Script Reading Service. You will receive written feedback to help with the development of your script. This service is run by Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland. Please visit Playwrights’ Studio’s website for full eligibility criteria and more information or email them.

    How can someone join your membership?

    We do not have a membership scheme nor a regular company of actors – casting is done specifically for each production. If you would like to be kept informed of our work please sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

    Do you perform at private/corporate events?

    BOP Theatre does not undertake corporate performance events – our productions are planned many years in advance and cannot be remounted for one-off events unless you have considerable funds available to cover rehearsal periods, etc. If you have an event that is particularly relevant to disability or are looking for a Disability Equality Training please email

    I would like to interview a member of your team for school/college/university report.

    We have a small and busy team at BOP and are sadly unable to answer all the requests for interviews we receive. You are welcome to email us a request to but please be aware we may not be able to respond.

    Fundraising event - please can you contribute?

    BOP are a charity. The nature of our work means we do not have items to donate to fundraising events.

    I am new to Scotland and am interested to know more about the disability arts sector.

    There are a number of companies who focus on disability arts in Scotland. These include:

    Lung Ha

    Project Ability


    Solar Bear

    Artlink Edinburgh and Artlink Central

    If you are particularly interested in theatre we recommend you contact Federation of Scottish Theatre.

    Do you provide training?

    Yes we provide Disability Equality Training and organisational development training with an equalities focus suitable for arts, events and business organisations. We tailor our training to address different areas of activity, staff concerns and outcomesFor more information including the content of our training please see the Training section of our website.

    If you would like to book a training session please email

    My company need help with disability equality, can you assist?

    Yes we can help. Alongside our Disability Equality Training we also offer Auditing, Consultation and Policy Support for organisations. For more information please email detailing the type of support you are looking for.

    Do you have classes?

    We do not currently hold classes. When we run workshops we advertise them on Creative Scotland’s Opportunities Website

    I am a young person, how can I get involved?

    BOP have a project called BOP Youth Artists which provide a space where young people with a passion for the performing arts can learn skills and develop their own creative practice.  So they are better able to apply and take part in future creative opportunities. For more information and updated on the next recruitment period please see the BOP Youth Artists page.

    BOP are currently recruiting BOP Youth Art Consultants. BOP are looking for young disabled people that can work with us to offer advice to the sector about creating greater equality of opportunity for young disabled people so that more young people can gain access to youth arts activities. For more information please see the BOP YAC‘s page.  

    For information about our past project Be BOP please see here.

    Can you help me make my work accessible?

    Yes we can. Please contact us via and tell us about your work and the areas of access you would like support with. We can then provide you with a tailored package of support.

    Do you know any BSL interpreters?

    In the first instance we recommend you contact Deaf Action if you are looking for event support as they will be able to provide you with BSL interpreters and other communication support such as electronic notetakers. If they are unable to support you or you require advice about Sign Language Interpretation for theatre please email us and tell us the location of your event and we will be able to provide you with sign language interpreter contacts for people we recommend.