Digital Art Consultant : Call Out

Call for digital artist/ designer consultant for artistic digital platform to work on delivering Locked World – a project from BOP Young Artists

Who are the BOP Young Artists?

Ink Asher Hemp, Emily Ingram, Emily Beaney, Andrew Robertson, Jonathan Carlton and Robert McIntosh have been working collectively since early 2019 to support each other in creative and practical skills development. Supported by The Robertson Trust, BOP Young Artists exists to create a bespoke development initiative and accessible space for young emerging disabled artists to explore their ideas, their creative practice and their experience of the world in a dedicated space.

What is Locked World?

Locked World is the collective outcome of BOP Young Artists 2019/20. Each artist had been working towards a creative outcome and collective performance before Lockdown hit. This work is not about lockdown or Covid-19, although the form it will now take is in part a response currently being unable to perform to a live audience.

This work was originally developed responding to the concept of a “locked world” which was coined by one of the young artists when describing their experience of being autistic. This concept, and the drive to create immersive performance, resulted in the intended format of Locked World as a reflexive performance installation with creatively embedded access at its’ core.

When lockdown occurred, the artists began discussing the feasibility of a digital version of Locked World. Four of the artists are now exploring the challenges and opportunities inherent in shifting this performance work into the digital landscape. 

The artists wish to create an interactive platform that can hold several pieces of their individual and collective work, and also create space for others to contribute – it is important to the artists that they amplify the voices of other disabled people.  

“there is power in recognising your world is locked
and though this project might build empathy or understanding it is not first and foremost an attempt to forge a key
to unlock this world
to unlock this world would mean unlearning me
unlocking this world would not mean becoming free
I am free when the world stops attempting to teach me a new body
I am not aiming to assimilate
my aim, just now is to be
be here
share space 
with you”
- Ink

Deadline for applications: Midnight August 3rd

Please contact Morna McGeoch with any questions you might have

Who are we looking to work with?

BOP Young Artists are seeking a digital artist / designer to consult with them on the design of Locked World. They are looking for a designer to work closely with them in exploring, developing and formulating a solid idea of what the platform will look / feel / sound like and be able to achieve.

What will the job involve?

  • Meeting with the BOP Young Artists (emerging artists aged 20 – 30) and Development Officer (Morna McGeoch) via video calls;
  • Collaborating with the Young Artists to thoroughly explore the platform design;
  • Consultation and feedback with the Young Artists on design and access;
  • Consultation with BOP’s Youth Arts Consultants on accessibility;
  • Sharing skills and knowledge with the Young Artists throughout this process;
  • Potential ongoing management for a fixed period of time (additional fee provided).

Some ideas around elements of design and functionality thus far:


  • The platform will host a number of digital artworks (approximately 6 works);
  • There will be additional sections for audience responses / contributions;
  • Embedded access functions (e.g. alt. text for images, BSL interpretation, etc.).


  • The overall design explores the concept of brain / body as a “Locked World”; 
  • Each of the 6 completed pieces of work are stylistically different;
  • The platform will provide a scaffolding for the work to hang together as a coherent whole, and so becomes about collective experiences;
  • As stated above, access functions will be embedded in the work, and so this must also be thoroughly considered in the design process.

Person specification


  • Effective communication skills 
  • Knowledge of digital art formats
  • Experience in the process of design consultation
  • Experience in designing functional digital spaces 
  • Knowledge of disability equality
  • Awareness of the barriers disabled people face in accessing digital spaces
  • Awareness of digital tools used to mitigate disabling barriers
  • Open to constructive and critical creative conversation
  • Open to sharing and exchanging knowledge and skills
  • Willing to learn and explore new ways of designing access tools


  • Experience of working with emerging artists
  • Experience of designing digital tools for increased accessibility
  • Knowledge of disability equality in the arts

How to apply, Fee & Time Frame

To apply, please submit your CV, some examples of your work and a half page cover letter to Morna McGeoch

£1,000 fee – 10 half-days over 3 week period. Work to be completed by August 24th.

Deadline for applications: Midnight August 3rd