Disabled Audience Survey

Why Are We Doing This?

As the pandemic continues, the performing arts industry is beginning to ask questions about how it can safely reopen for audiences, but planning for this does not always take into account the considerations of disabled audiences.

We understand that disabled audiences have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and that many disabled people have legitimate concerns about returning to public spaces, such as: adequate social distancing measures; the potential for physical contact (eg, if a visually impaired person requires being guided to a seat); accessible toilets being used a spill over from the non-accessible toilets.

We want to better understand the concerns of disabled people, so we can communicate them directly to organisations while they are in the process of establishing what actions they will take to enable them to open up safely.

To this end we have developed a short survey, created in consultation with Scottish venues, to gather data on what disabled audiences would like venues to consider in order for them to feel safe enough to return to public arts spaces, such as theatres.

If you identify as disabled and you are interested in returning to public arts spaces but you have concerns about the safety of doing so, please complete this survey. The data we collect from this survey will be used to guide the performing arts sector on what steps they need to take to make you feel safe about returning to them.

About The Survey

The survey consists of a combination of multiple choice answers and text box answers, we estimate it should take about fifteen minutes to complete.

The survey is hosted as a Google Form. Some of the questions are structured as multiple choice grids, and as these are not accessible to screen readers we have adapted the survey into a version that is accessible to screen readers, which is located below the standard version.

If neither of these formats are accessible to you, please email all@boptheatre.co.uk and we can send you a printed version, with a stamped addressed envelope so you can return it to us.