Imaginate at BOP Artists

Imaginate at BOP Artists was a joint research and development project from BOP and Imaginate. The project supported a disabled artist based in Scotland to explore and develop a new theatre and/or dance performance idea for young audiences. The selected artist received paid time and free space to research and develop their idea.

A man with short dark hair in full glam drag makeup lies on a zebra print rug. He is wearing tights and high heels.

Promotional image for ‘Wasted Youth’ by Jordy

Jordy is an artist based in Edinburgh, that works between Edinburgh and Glasgow creating performance based work that specialises in health and queer art.  His work looks at identity and persona in the art of drag and fantasy vs reality. His work also examines social norms and perception of self.

For this residency, Jordy worked on a new idea called My Mum and Dad said… a piece of interactive, drag theatre for young people exploring different families and people with no judgement. Jordy’s reason for creating a piece of work that explores this area was sparked by the controversy surrounding the introduction of LGBT information in the primary sex education syllabus. Jordy worked with two performers, Sarah Forrester and drag artist Fawna Love, across the whole week and was also supported by dramaturg Luke Pell and BOP Artistic Director Robert Softley Gale.

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The source material for this development period came from a range of places. As part of this initiative Jordy, Sarah and Fawna were invited to run a workshop with LGBT Youth, and conversations conducted at this workshop in part informed they’re thinking once they were in the rehearsal room. They also took inspiration from the famous political speeches and newspaper headlines denouncing LGBT issues; listening to the audio of the speeches and decorating the development spaces in print outs of various discriminatory headlines. The development week closed with a sharing of the early stage work in progress to an audience of invited industry professionals followed by an in depth Q&A session, allowing Jordy to contextualise his thinking but also take on the thoughts of those present.

BOP and Imaginate are continuing their supporting relationship with Jordy as he considers possible options to continue the development of My Mum and Dad said…

I am excited to be able to merge my experience as a Youth Arts Practitioner and Drag Artist in a production. I have been passionate for a while now to develop something that showcases drag for children to be able to see. In light of what is currently going on with education introducing an LGBT + curriculum, the timing feels right to produce a piece of theatre that demonstrates the spectrum of families and that ordinary doesn’t actually exist among us. By working with other artists and organisations in this project, I will be able to ensure that many voices are heard, which is something I feel is a necessity in this instance. My Mum and Dad said… will be a chance for an audience to learn about other families, other than the conventions of a heteronormative world we naturally are programmed to believe exists.

Jordy’s previous work has included most recently Wasted Youth (January 2019), a one man show looking at Cystic Fibrosis and Drag; the Making Space programme in collaboration with SYT, creating “Love, Delta F508” (April 2019), a piece about lung transplants.

Imaginate at BOP Artists call-out (archive)

This opportunity does not have to take place at a specific time or location, Imaginate and BOP will work with the selected artist to identify the most accessible timeframe and location for the artist – however the work must take place in Scotland, at any time between April 2019 – March 2020.


  • A budget of £2000 to cover artist fees and materials for research and development time
  • Access to accessible development space suitable to your requirements – for a maximum of 14 days, used in the way the best serves you
  • Access to Go & See funding of up to £150, enabling you to go and see relevant work – including a bespoke package at Edinburgh International Children’s Festival 2019.
  • Additional budget where required to cover access requirements
  • Access to support and advice from BOP and Imaginate staff


This is an opportunity for a disabled artist based in Scotland who is interested in exploring making theatre and/or dance for young audiences. (Our definition of disability includes if you are D/deaf or have a mental health condition.)

  • It is open to those who have experience of working with young audiences as well as those for whom this would be brand new.
  • It is open to artists at all stages of their career.
  • It is open to all artists who identify as disabled – for a full description of how BOP define ‘disability’ please click here.

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • How exciting the panels find the idea the artist has proposed
  • How that idea would work for young audiences
  • How beneficial being selected will be to the artist’s career


This project will support to an artist to develop a performance idea but there is no expectation of what stage the idea will be in by the end of the project – you might have a scratch performance, or, you might have lots of notes that need continued development. You will be free to use the time and resources to develop your idea in the way that best suits you.

Despite providing support at this stage, neither BOP or Imaginate are able to commit to ongoing support of the idea going forward.


Access is at the heart of what BOP does, we will always work to ensure that the selected artist is able to work in an environment that is suitable for their specific access requirements. If you do have any access requirements, please detail them on the application form and we will work to accommodate them. Your access requirements should not be a reason that you cannot take part in this opportunity.


DEADLINE: 5pm on Monday 25th March 2019

You can complete the application form and answer our questions in a variety of ways:

  • Via the online form – link here
  • Using a paper form – email  for a copy
  • Over the phone – 0141 552 1725 – we can talk to you and fill in the form
  • In person can be arranged if you require a scribe to work with you

Selection Process:
All applications will be considered by a panel including Robert Gale (Artistic Director/CEO, BOP), Fiona Ferguson (Creative Development Director, Imaginate) and a disabled freelance artist tbc.

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Imaginate is the national organisation in Scotland, which promotes, develops and celebrates theatre and dance for children and young people. Imaginate wants more children in Scotland to experience work that is deeply engaging, innovative and inspiring. We support artists with a year-round programme of creative development, including events, training, residencies, mentoring and special projects. We also produce the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival which showcases the best of children’s theatre and dance from around the world and is recognized as one of the best places for international programmers to see work of the very highest standard.