Coproduced with Tom Pritchard

We need to talk about something
We need to talk about “it”

“it” (noun)

the word used when we don’t want to name or talk about something out of fear, embarrassment or shame.

So, what are our “it”s? What is unspoken in our society?

Autobiographical and audience interactive, this work brings an important voice to the conversation around gender inequality: the young male.

  • What forms does gender inequality still take in today’s world and are they obvious to us all?
  • Are we making the equality conversation available to everyone?
  • How different is our interaction with the world, or the world with us, depending on our gender?

We will refocus the spotlight of attention on invisible forms of gender inequality: heckling, sexual objectification, social stereotyping and dig down to the lived realities of the endless statistics that represent deep-rooted issues that surely now need urgent addressing.

We will look to make this a conversation accessible and essential to us all.

Whatever “it” is, we need to talk about it

“it” is the new theatre piece from Tom Pritchard in co-production with Birds of Paradise Theatre Company

“it” is a co-production with Birds of Paradise Theatre Company and includes an innovative approach to working with BSL.

An extensive education programme accompanies the performance work, offering participants the opportunity to deepen their engagement with the issues around gender inequality in their own lives.

“it” has been developed with the generously support of  Creative Scotland, Woodend Barn and The Work Room.

Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow: Fri 4 Sep 2015

Woodend Barn, Banchory: Fri 11 Sep 2015