Make Do & Mend

Make Do & Mend is an artist development opportunity from Stellar Quines Theatre Company, that offers artists a chance to develop an idea, based around a theme that invites an opportunity to consider the position of women and girls living in Scotland today. For 2020 they are teaming up with BOP to offer an opportunity exclusively to artists who identify as disabled.

Deadline for applications Tuesday 14th January 2020.

The project title, Make Do & Mend, is derived from a World War II pamphlet that encouraged women to be frugal and stylish. This fund exists to see what artists can achieve with limited resources – a contemporary take on the wartime slogan. Since the project’s launch in 2018 they have awarded eight artists seed funding to develop a new work that responds to different themes and provocations.


The aim of this collaboration is it to create a unique opportunity for artists to create something amazing that they would not otherwise have the chance to develop. Stellar Quines know that it can be hard for artists to find opportunities that create a space to do something you would not normally do – to not do just what is expected. BOP know that for disabled artists development opportunities that do not successfully support access requirements can stifle creativity before it has begun, let alone let you find the creative conditions to push in a new direction. Working together our companies are creating a space for artists to bring a new idea to life and challenge themselves as artists.

What this is and how this is delivered is entirely up to you. We are open to new ways of working as well as more traditional methods. Crucially, this opportunity should fuel your imagination both thematically but also in the methodology you might employ. Per proposal there is a maximum fund of £2,000 available (the fund is £8,000 in total). There is also an additional fund of £2,000 to contribute towards access costs across the programme of supported artists.


The bond between a mother and their child is unlike any other – but it is often a complex and tangled relationship. For Make Do and Mend 2019 we are inviting artists to respond to this theme of motherhood and the connections involved. To apply for this you; do not need to be a mother or parent; might want to consider the experience of disabled mothers or of being a mother to a disabled child; might want to respond to an absence of motherhood; to motherhood through surrogacy, adoption or fostering; to celebrate motherhood or any other experience of motherhood. A core question that you might want to consider is: What is the connection between mother and child?


Make Do & Mend is open to applications from individual artists, companies or collectives be that emergent or mid-career, who identify as any gender. We welcome applications from artists who identify as People of Colour. The lead artist(s) must identify as disabled. We do ask that when engaging a creative team, you are mindful of gender balance and reflect our own commitment to working with a minimum of 70% woman identifying participants.

To apply, and for further information about the opportunity, please visit the Make Do & Mend page on the Stellar Quines website