The closest I’ve come to you is…

Exploring intimacy and ageing in relation to the disabled body through movement and film. 

In collaboration with two disabled performers – one older and one younger – one female and one male – we are creating a new filmed work for 2022.

From the everyday task of living; our homes as our universe, we are asking what is the expansion in this? How do we experience space and time both inside and out? 

Where and how we are in time? How do we fold-up all the previous versions of ourselves into our present self? Where do we go? Does ageing – do our personal experiences of time – have anything to do with how we commonly measure our hours, days, weeks and years…?

The creative team will interrogate and examine dramaturgical themes around the disabled experience in relationship to change, ageing and time. We will use the intimacy of film and the opportunities this creates to develop a distinctive aesthetic.

The Creative Team

Rachel DrazekMovement Director and Co-director
Robert Softley GaleWriter and Co-director
Hugo GlendinningFilmmaker
Pete EdwardsPerformer
Diana NiepcePerformer
Mairi TaylorCreative Producer
Supported by the Genesis Foundation