Soñando in Silence

In 2021, Sofia and Jamie will dream in silence

This project is made possible through a British Council Unlimited Micro Award

Soñando in Silence is an exploration of practice between artists in Mexico and Scotland, with Birds of Paradise Theatre Company.  Taking as a starting the practice of Mexican artist Sofia Olmos, BOP and Scottish artist Jamie Rae will enter a period of research and reflection with Sofia to develop new modes of theatrical experience, immersing the audience in a performance to interrogate and elucidate held notions of what it is to be D/deaf. Sofia and Jamie will dream in silence.”

Soñando in Silence is an exploration of practice and ideas between artists in Mexico and Scotland in collaboration with Birds of Paradise Theatre Company.  Taking as a starting point the existing body of work by Sofia Olmos, The Uncomfortable Look, BOP, Sofia and Scottish Artist Jamie Rae are exploring new immersive ways for audiences to experience the social experience of being Deaf.

TRANSLATION – Spanish: Soñando / English: Dreaming


About Sofia Olmos:

The Uncomfortable Look, as developed by Sofia and her creative team, is an immersive experience for the audience, which  intends for them to experience a sense of the day to day experiences of disabled people in the first person. This is not about the audience member embodying any sense of impairment but rather them being subject to the reaction, barriers and uncomfortable looks that many disabled people experience day in and day out.  Previous iterations have been designed to be implemented in any space, be it established theaters, or in outdoor spaces, in order to bring new audiences in Mexico closer together and provoke a dialogue about disabled people. The first version in 2018 addressed Downs Syndrome, the second in 2019 was about  Achondroplasia and in 2020 Sofia and her team premiered the virtual adaptation of this piece at two festivals.

“The exploration of how each disability is seen and treated, has opened to me the possibilities  of research and professional development, who as an actress with achondroplasia (dwarfism) has acquired in the last eleven years of exploration and personal research: the development of a  specialized body technique, to address this issue from my physical condition.”
Quote from Sofia Olmos

About Jamie Rae:

Jamie Rae has been undertaking a variety of performance and professional development work since graduating, including working with BOP and Creative Electric on the 2019 production “____ is where the heart is”.  He recently undertook a producing placement with Take Me Somewhere Festival, Glasgow and is interested in further exploring development as a producer.  Working with BOP and the team in Mexico will provide him with further experience, local and international.

Find out more about Jamie on the National Theatre of Scotland website here.


Over the last few years BOP has been increasingly working internationally and is very excited by Sofia’s work and its possible application in other countries and locations where disabled artists are similarly disadvantaged in education and development opportunities, pigeon holed to one artist practice, often defined by their impairment, and at a great cost to their position in and treatment by society.

The team meeting for the first time in zoom. Top row – Mairi, Michelle, Jamie, Bottom row – Sofia, Yvonne, Ricardo