We are seeking new board members

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company are recruiting to their Board of Directors.

Our approach to governance is two-fold:

a) to act as a good critical friend to the executive staff of the organisation
b) fulfil the basic fiduciary responsibilities of being accountable for the company. 

The Executive are keen to regularly test their strategic & operational thinking with a diverse team who can help them think through opportunities and challenges from different perspectives. We are looking for a person or persons to:

  • help the board and executive see the strategy and operation of the company though a ‘business and/or commercial lens’;
  • help the board and executive see the strategy and operation of the company though a ‘communications / marketing lens’; and/or
  • bring other perspectives / world views to the board

We hope that membership of the Birds of Paradise board would attract people who would be fascinated and excited about how a small enterprise puts diversity and equality at the heart of everything it does; breaks down all sorts of barriers; and produces award winning creative work on a domestic and international scale. Becoming a Director on the BOP board is a unique form of volunteering which brings both challenge and reward: not only can this be about contributing to a great cause it is also good for demonstrating strategic experience, a way to develop professional networks and learn new skills and increase fantastic team working and communication skills. 

We would particularly welcome applications from individuals who identify as disabled, Deaf or neurodivergent. We will seek to meet all access recruitments of applicants.”

If you feel you can help the board and executive see opportunities and challenges from a different perspectives then please contact Miles Harrison, Chair at Birds of Paradise Theatre Company at chair@boptheatre.co.uk for more information.