Birds of Paradise Theatre Company is a charity with a national focus that has been telling disabled people’s stories since 1992.

Your donations help us to:

➡ Produce world-class productions and projects created with disabled artists, that put disabled people’s stories centre stage.

Four male performers clustered on a slightly smokey looking stage. Two of them are in wheelchairs, the other two are standing. Their ages appear to range from young to middle aged and they are dressed in various coloured shirts and jeans. They all appear to be reaching out to grab a man in a yellow T shirt who is standing in the middle of them all.

➡ Provide training and development opportunities, removing barriers to professional progression and nurturing future generations of disabled artists.

Three people in paint splattered denim dungarees stand on top of chairs in a triangle formation with their hands in the air.

Support Us:

There are lots of ways that you can support the continued involvement of disabled people in making and sharing work, and in creating a sector where disabled voices thrive.

A woman in a vest top and feathered hat talks on stage with a book in her hand.

Leave us a gift in your will

Brightly coloured illustration of two birds. One has brown wings, a yellow head and a spray of turquoize feathers coming off it's neck. This bird is mid flight and about to land on a tree branch. The 2nd bird has golden wings, blue beak, black head with gold feathers coming from it's head, and is in a wheelchair. This bird sits in the entrance to a birdhouse on the side of a tree, which has a ramp snacking its way round the trunk.

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